Our Vision / Mission


 • To become our country’s number one Information Technology Institution in providing value-adde Business Information Systems solutions and services.
 • To become one of our country’s   dollar earners by extending our value-added Business Information Systems solutions and services to the global market.
 • To become our youth’s number one choice as training ground for development into society’s new, dynamic leaders.
 • To become business enterprisers’ first choice for investment of their hard earned money.
 • The trustworthiness of our I.T. products as well as our serious commitment to service is our assurances that investors’ exposure will be gainful.



 • To fulfill our chosen role as one of the country’s leading Information Technology Institutions by harnessing our God-given talents to provide the following value-added solutions and services: Business Information System Consulting, Business Process Reengineering, Systems Analysis using Semantic Object Models, Systems Design, Software Engineering and Programming, and Hardware-Software Integration. 
 • To act as a catalyst in the nation’s technological advancement as well as its economic progress.  We resolve to commit our resources for the continuing development of our country by providing excellence in Information Technology services to the full satisfaction of our local and foreign clients.
 • To mold new leaders in our society by providing a professional work environment managed by people of good moral character and unquestionable integrity.  Fostering camaraderie, encouraging teamwork, recognizing individual worth and rewarding exceptional performances will be our guiding principles. 
 • To diligently dedicate all our efforts to the interest of the company’s stakeholders by treasuring our customers’ trust, our employees’ time and shareholders’ money.