Our Methodology

GESTALT Customized Integrated Information System (GESTALT CIIS)


The Gestalt Customized Integrated Information System (CIIS) as the name implies is a customized and integrated information system that would systematically process the information of a company or an organization.

The functions of a Gestalt CIIS or any reliable information system in general are: (1) to allow the users to capture pertinent data, (2) store and organize the captured data in a database, (3) printout forms using the captured data, (4) generate reports using captured data and if necessary (5) pass captured data to another system for further processing.

A company or an organization is normally driven by business processes that produce data or use data to perform its day to day functions. In the Gestalt CIIS, a business process is equivalent to a module that either captures data or uses data. A module can be one of these four types: (1) data entry, (2) a form, (3) a report or (4) an interface with other system. The module or business process is used as a basis for scoping and costing the development and implementation of the information system.

The customization of the information system is to make it flexible to conform to the business processes of the organization. Two levels of customization are done. The first level is on the business process flow. This level defines how the information is processed and how data are passed from one user to the next user. The second level is on the presentation of the module itself. The customization defines what information is presented on the screen and where the fields are to be displayed. How the field are to be displayed such as putting emphasis by the use of different colors or font types is part of the customization.

We put a lot of emphasis on the ‘integrated’ feature within and beyond the information system to ensure that data are entered into the system only once and can be used by different users for different purposes. This ‘integrated’ feature will likewise help preserve the integrity of data captured inside the database.

The following are the additional features of the Gestalt CIIS:

 • Multiple users can access simultaneously any module in the system.
 • The security administrator can define only who can access only which module and how data will be presented, processed and/or secured.
 • All transactions have timestamp and the name of the user who processed the record.
 • All data changes have audit trail.
 • All data have drill-down capability to view the details.
 • The system has the provision to archive historical data.
 • An online help facility discusses in details the function of each module and describes thoroughly the module and the valid values of each and every field.
 • Transactions have provisions to be posted real-time, highly recommended.
 • Data can easily be exported to any external data format.
 • Database of client’s Gestalt CIIS project history for version control.

The following are the technical features of the Gestalt CIIS:

 • The Gestalt CIIS is developed under the Powerbuilder software development environment. The user interfaces are Windows based thus easy for users to adapt.
 • The Gestalt CIIS can run on any selected database such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access, etc. The MS SQL and MySQL versions are readily implement-able.
 • The Gestalt CIIS database can be accessed via web-based applications. Gestalt can also develop the web-based applications if requested.