Career Testimonials

In my two years working in Gestalt Consulting, I’ve learned a lot especially in programming. Aside from programming, this company enhances my ability in analyzing problems and also my knowledge on how a particular business operates. The experiences I gained in Gestalt makes me a stronger person and better professional in the field of Information Technology. Joining Gestalt definitely gave me a lot of opportunities to have a brighter future.

Blaire G. Duarte

I joined Gestalt Consulting, Inc. 6 months ago as an on-the-job trainee and I was able to learn and improve a lot from my experiences here. In a short period of time, I already got a significant increase in my compensation package and I know that it won’t end there. Thanks to the company’s project development methodologies, in such a short time I was able to produce more than what I expected.

Cristiano L. Tumamac