About Us

The latter part of 1999 saw the formal inception of Gestalt Consulting, Inc. Though incorporated in September of 1999, the company had been in actual client service since 1997. As expected of a closely-knit family, the incorporators were Jorge K. Ting himself, his siblings and the Ting matriarch, Lourdes. 

Because Gestalt values both its clients as well as its associates, the company has adopted a policy of awarding shares of stock to the most deserving of its personnel. Gestalt holds dear the concept of a never-ending relationship not only with its clients but also with the people who had a hand in the company’s growth and success.

Since 1999, Gestalt Consulting has implemented more than 50 customized business information systems to clients from different industries such as trade and distribution, supermarket and retail outlets, manufacturing and insurance.

The following customized integrated information system products have been customized and implemented successfully:

 • Customized Integrated Information System (CIIS) for Enterprise Resources Planning and Management,
 • Customized Integrated Point of Sale Information System (CIPOS) for Management of Supermarkets and Retail Outlets,
 • Customized Integrated Warehouse Management Information System (CIWMS) for Warehouse Management and Inventory Control,
 • Customized Integrated Human Resource Information System (CIHRIS) for Management of Payroll and Human Resources,
 • Customized Integrated Manufacturing Information System (CIMIS) for the Manufacturing Resources Planning.
 • Customized Integrated Insurance Information System (CIIIS) for the Insurance Companies.
 • Customized Integrated Information System Lite (CIIS-Lite), ERP for Start-up and Growing Companies.

Aside form these comprehensive full blown information systems, Gestalt Consulting has assisted several clients to integrate front-end information systems with their sophisticated backend accounting systems.

On the hind sight, customizing information system is not only an expertise of Gestalt Consulting but through the years, customizing information systems to the very needs of a company has become a day to day practice in Gestalt Consulting and fast becoming a niche in a awesomely competitive software development industry. The vision of a Customized Integrated Information System once upon a time has turned out to be a reality today. We like to thank all those who have contributed in one way or another to this dream come true especially the companies that believed and invested in the visions of Gestalt Consulting, Inc.

At GESTALT Consulting,
we customize IT to your needs